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Fong Sai-yuk has a price on his head for his rebellion against the Manchu government. He returns home to find that Commander Ma has executed his two kung-fu brothers. He also finds out that a man named Fong Ting(a martial artist that has been hired by commander Ma) has been using his identity. Dragon Lee who is a Japanese martial artist hired by Ma to kill Fong Sai-yuk with the added incentive being that Sai-yuk killed Dragons brother Tiger Lee. Dragon challenges Sai-yuk to a fight on top of 1000 Shaolin poles but they are booby trapped and Fong Sai-yuk barely escapes with his life ending up training with a mysterious crippled fishmonger by the sea in the art of pole fighting. With his friends murdered and his girlfriend kidnapped Fong quickly returns to face Dragon and Ma and take revenge.

Director Chun Ouyang
Genre Action Drama
Release Date5 July 1977
Actors Fei Meng, Yasuaki Kurata, Tao-liang Tan, Yi Chang, Chung-erh Lung, Chia Yung Liu, Tsao Tsao Pan, Ching Hsia Chiang, Pin Chin, Shao Lung Huang, Min-lang Li, Wen Tai Li, Ming Min, Yan-yung Tso, Tai Liang Wong, Hsiao Yi Yeh, Chung Yen
Fang Shi Yu Da Po Mei Hua Zhuang (1977)

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