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Watch "Xiu Hua Da Dao (1978)" Movie Online

The film's plot revolves around a martial artist's quest to catch a mysterious thief who robs his wealthy victims and then blinds them with embroidering needles. His trail leads to a mysterious clan of female martial artists known for their embroidery. As with nearly any film with a Ku Lung book as it's source material, the film can appear almost nonsensical to Westerners, with numerous difficult to keep track of characters, wild, eye catching sword play and a plot that twists and turns as much as a walking catfish.

IMDB Rating6.8 out of 10
Director Yuen Chor
Genre Action
Release Date19 February 1978
Actors Fei Ai, Shen Chan, Ying Cheung, Li Ching, Lee Chong, Norman Chu, Deborah Dik, Kara Hui, Kuan-chung Ku, Fai Wong Lam, Yun Ling, Hui-ling Liu, Tony Liu, Sha-fei Ouyang, Szu Shih, Hua Yueh, Wah Yuen
Xiu Hua Da Dao (1978)

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