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After being attacked by Pronto, the Hand crawls into Producer Man's brain and controls his body from the inside. Shark and Rectangular Businessman load up a big gun and drive to the gas station that Fitz and Skillet previously set on fire. Rectangular Businessman mentions to Shark that the townspeople have lost their "program" and are going "out of their minds." Shark shoots one of them. Fitz, Skillet and Liquor use intravenous injections of meat to get to sleep, and Liquor is haunted by a strange dream, in which he's standing in a graveyard. Man/Woman is admiring a flower on a strange empty plain when Shark's face appears in the moon and speaks to her, then a snake slithers toward her and breathes fire into the air. Golden Joe shows Peanut Cop an unusual photo of the two Eyes, in which one of them appears to have grown a strange purple limb in place of a leg. Peanut Cop tells him that "the code is replicating itself in a bad way", and that "it's almost over." Liquor awakes, and Producer Man takes the elevator up to the 750th floor of the tower where Fitz, Skillet, Liquor, the Green-Sweatered Woman, and Shark's burning bug await him as Liquor commands everyone on the 750th floor to "all weapons cock."

Genre Animation Comedy Tvshows
Release Date12 November 2006
Actors Matt Maiellaro, Adam Reed, Brad Lee Zimmerman
"12 Oz. Mouse" Meaty Dreamy (2006)

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Seasons & Episodes (Air Date)

Season 1
Episode 1 - Hired (17 October 2005)
Episode 1 - Signals (24 October 2005)
Episode 1 - Rooster (31 October 2005)
Episode 1 - Spider (06 November 2005)
Episode 1 - Rememorized (13 November 2005)
Episode 1 - Spharktasm (20 November 2005)
Episode 1 - Adventure Mouse (31 December 2005)
Episode 1 - Bowtime (24 September 2006)
Episode 1 - Surgery Circus (02 October 2006)
Episode 1 - Booger Haze (08 October 2006)
Episode 1 - Star Wars VII (26 October 2006)
Episode 1 - Enjoy The Arm (22 October 2006)
Episode 1 - Auraphull (30 October 2006)
Episode 1 - Meat Warrior (06 November 2006)
Episode 1 - Meaty Dreamy (12 November 2006)
Episode 1 - Corndog Chronicles (20 November 2006)
Episode 1 - Eighteen (27 November 2006)
Episode 1 - Pre-Reckoning (04 December 2006)
Episode 1 - Farewell (10 December 2006)
Episode 1 - Prolegomenon (18 December 2006)
Episode 1 - Enter The Sandmouse (16 May 2007)



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