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Watch ""Clone High U.S.A." Raisin The Stakes: A Rock Opera In Three Acts (Season 1, Episode 8) (2002)" Movie Online

Most of the Clones start smoking Raisins to get high, sold by The Pusher. Abe and Cleo turn into hippies and have psychadelic journeys. Gandhi goes on a trippy adventure into his subconscious. Scudworth and the parents build a wall to stop the clones. Joan has a plan to fix things.

IMDB Rating7.2 out of 10
Director Ted Collyer
Genre Animation Comedy Sci-fi Tvshows
Release Date15 December 2002
Actors Will Forte, Phil Lord, Michael Mcdonald, Christa Miller, Chris Miller, Nicole Sullivan, Jack Black, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Murray Miller
"Clone High U.S.A." Raisin The Stakes: A Rock Opera In Three Acts (Season 1, Episode 8) (2002)

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Seasons & Episodes (Air Date)

Season 1
Episode 1 - Escape To Beer Mountain: A Ro (02 November 2002)
Episode 2 - Election Blu-Galoo (03 November 2002)
Episode 3 - A.D.D.: The Last `D` Is For D (10 November 2002)
Episode 4 - Film Fest: Tears Of A Clone (17 November 2002)
Episode 5 - Sleep Of Faith: La Rue D`Awak (24 November 2002)
Episode 6 - Homecoming: A Shot In D`Arc (01 December 2002)
Episode 7 - Plane Crazy: Gate Expectation (08 December 2002)
Episode 8 - Raisin The Stakes: A Rock Ope (15 December 2002)
Episode 9 - A Room Of One`s Clone: The Pi (12 January 2003)



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