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Rebecca is nearly run over by a pick-up truck full of Afghan National Army soldiers heading for the hospital. Their leader -- who turns out to be an American Special Forces operative -- carries in one of his men, delirious with a serious infection, one that neither Rebecca nor Bobby have encountered before. When another patient comes down with the same infection, the team realize they're dealing with a highly contagious and resistant bacterial strain, with no idea what it is, where it came from or how to stop it from spreading. Colonel Marks is left with no choice but to quarantine the OR, ICU and the recovery room, so that the Role 3 medics are forced to do surgery in the dining hall. Meanwhile, Rebecca accompanies Pedersen off base to the Women's Clinic, where they find a local in dire need of emergency life-saving surgery

Director Iain B. MacDonald
Genre Drama Tvshows
Release Date28 June 2011
Actors Adam Beach, Anne Bedian, Lisa Berry, Michelle Borth, Terry Chen, Daniel Desanto, Elias Edraki, Sam Kalilieh, Trenna Keating, Rayisa Kondracki, Elias Koteas, Luke Mably, Gerry Morton, Dwain Murphy, Karan Oberoi
"Combat Hospital" Enemy Within (2011)

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Seasons & Episodes (Air Date)

Season 1
Episode 1 - Welcome To Kandahar (21 June 2011)
Episode 1 - Enemy Within (28 June 2011)
Episode 1 - Its My Party (05 July 2011)
Episode 1 - Wrong Place At Wrong Time (12 July 2011)
Episode 1 - Hells Bells (19 July 2011)
Episode 1 - Inner Truth (27 July 2011)
Episode 1 - Reckless (3 August 2011)
Episode 1 - On The Brink (9 August 2011)
Episode 1 - Shifting Sands (1 January 1970)
Episode 1 - Reason To Believe (23 August 2011)