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Watch ""Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" Atlantis (Season 3, Episode 22) (1997)" Movie Online

Cassandra, a resident of Atlantis, has dreams of it being destroyed and a mysterious man saving her. When she finds a shipwrecked Hercules on the beach, she recognizes him as the man from her dreams. Hercules convinces her to warn the other Atlanteans of impending disaster, but they refuse to believe her; Hercules is sent to be killed while the king tries to force Cassandra to tell him how Atlantis will be destroyed. Hercules escapes (of course), frees his captured shipmates, and hunts for Cassandra.Written by mama

IMDB Rating6.7 out of 10
Director Gus Trikonis
Genre Action Adventure Drama Fantasy
Release Date12 May 1997
Actors Kevin Sorbo, Claudia Black, James Beaumont, Edd Bennetto, William Davis, Norman Fairley, David Goodwin, Jason Greenwood, Ross Harper, Geoffrey Knight, Grahame Moore, Campbell Rousselle
"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" Atlantis (Season 3, Episode 22) (1997)

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