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Watch ""Holby City" Mirror Man (2007)" Movie Online

Not content with trying to prove herself against Joseph, Jac now sets her sights on usurping Michael and making him look bad in front of the CEO. But Jac hadn't figured on the intervention of Donna and has to publicly apologize to Michael and Jayne after she is caught out. Joseph, of course, takes great joy in this. Meanwhile, Elliott tells Chrissie about Mark's cocaine problem and at first she does not believe it until she finds cocaine stashed in Mark's desk and has an altercation with Doug, Mark's dealer. With the help of Stuart she manages to get Mark to acknowledge his problem and seek support under the guise of further training

IMDB Rating7 out of 10
Director Robert Del Maestro
Genre Drama
Release Date04 December 2007
Actors Phoebe Thomas, Tina Hobley, Robert Powell, Rosie Marcel, Hari Dhillon, Jaye Jacobs, Paul Bradley, Luke Roberts, Rakie Ayola, Conor Mullen, Stella Gonet, Alex Macqueen, Murray Head, Shaun Williamson, Gerard Monaco
"Holby City" Mirror Man (2007)

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