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Law & Order: Los Angeles is a crime procedural that is set in the elite Robbery Homicide Division of the LAPD and the courts of Los Angeles County. The detectives and attorneys work to solve and prosecute cases that cover the L.A. Basin, which involve not only the expected celebrities, but? More many crimes that do not receive news coverage. At Robbery Homicide Division, Detective Rex Winters (Skeet Ulrich) is an ex-Marine who has a very black-and-white view of the world and went through the Rodney King riot as a rookie police officer. He is married to his former partner, Lori. Detective Tomas "T.J." Jaruszalski, the son of an Oscar-winning cinematographer, thinks being a cop is the most fun anyone can have, like being front row at the circus everyday. The division is commanded by their lieutenant (Rachel Ticotin). The District Attorney's office is represented by Deputy District Attorney Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina), whose father was a groundskeeper at a local country club and considers this job the first step to greater things. He is a sarcastic realist who has no trouble sacrificing theory for a down-and-dirty fight for justice. Even so, he is still skilled at politics. His assistant, Deputy DA Evelyn Price (Regina Hall), is the product of an upper-middle-class upbringing in Baldwin Hills. Although she acknowledges the problems in the LAPD, she still prefers order over chaos. Morales' counterpart in more ways than one is Deputy District Attorney Jonah "Joe" Dekker (Terrence Howard). Dekker is considered to be a creative legal thinker and does not believe his position as a DDA is a permanent career choice. Dekker's assistant is Deputy DA Lauren Stanton (Megan Boone), whose privileged childhood accounts for her right-of-center politics. The office is overseen by the Los Angeles District Attorney (Peter Coyote). This fourth iteration of the Law & Order franchise is a production of Wolf Films in association with Universal Media Studios.

Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Tvshows
Release Date26 May 2011
Actors Alfred Molina, Corey Stoll, Peter Coyote, Rachel Ticotin, Regina Hall, Skeet Ulrich, Terrence Howard
"Law & Order: Los Angeles" Episode #1.17 (2011)

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