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Watch ""Lock N Load With R. Lee Ermey" Machine Guns (2009)" Movie Online

In this episode of "Lock N' Load with R Lee Ermey" the gunny examines one of the deadliest weapons on the modern battlefield; the machine gun. He shows us the rapid fire destruction the machine gun has unleashed throughout history, starting with the hand-cranked Gatling Gun, to the rapid-fire, electrically powered Minigun

Director Rick Wilkinson
Genre Documentary History Tvshows
Release Date31 July 2009
Actors R. Lee Ermey
"Lock N Load With R. Lee Ermey" Machine Guns (2009)

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Seasons & Episodes (Air Date)

Season 1
Episode 1 - Machine Guns (31 July 2009)
Episode 1 - Rockets (25 September 2009)
Episode 1 - Rifle (23 October 2009)
Episode 1 - MG2 (06 November 2009)
Episode 1 - Bunker Busters (13 November 2009)
Episode 1 - Artillery (26 July 2009)
Episode 1 - Pistols (14 August 2009)
Episode 1 - Armored Vehicles (28 August 2009)
Episode 1 - Shotguns (18 September 2009)
Episode 1 - Blades (02 October 2009)



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