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Watch ""Sledge Hammer!" Dori Day Afternoon (1986)" Movie Online

While in the bank to straighten an error involving Sledge's account, he and Dori suddenly find themselves in a hostage situation when Sledge foils an attempted robbery by setting off an alarm that he thought was silent. Sledge's options for using force are limited inasmuch as he has only one bullet left after "coaxing" a possible jumper off of a building ledge. Captain Trunk eventually grants the two robbers' demand for a plane and passage to the airport with their hostages. He does not provide a pilot, but he is unpleasantly surprised when one of the robbers is able to fly the plane. Sledge finally sees the opportunity to subdue the robbers forcefully, but this impetuous course of action puts he and Dori in the position of attempting a forced landing in the middle of the city

IMDB Rating8.2 out of 10
Director James Sheldon
Genre Comedy
Release Date24 October 1986
Actors David Rasche, Anne-marie Martin, Harrison Page, Frank Doubleday, Britt Leach, Michael Ensign, Coleby Lombardo, Leslie Morris, Dorothy Patterson, Kate Stern
"Sledge Hammer!" Dori Day Afternoon (1986)

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