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In "The Head," Jim awakens one morning to find that his cranium has more than doubled in proportion. Initially embarrassed, it takes Jim nearly a week to leave his apartment, and his first stop is a head specialist. But good Dr. Axel can offer no solid answers, so an irritated Jim heads out the door for home. On his way, he's cornered by a gang of thugs, who have absolutely no idea what's awaiting them. Jim's head splits in two and out jumps a little purple alien who attacks them. After beating up the aggressors, the alien pops back into Jim's head, which seals up behind him. Dumbfounded, Jim heads home and interrogates the alien. Turns out his name's Roy, and he's on a mission to save the Earth from a parasitic alien named Gork. Dr. Lucas Elliott, a disgruntled FBI agent, catches the thugs telling their story on Eye Witness News, and begins his pursuit of Jim. In "The Date," Jim had forgotten that he had set up a date with Madelyn, which Roy encourages him to keep. The two combine their talents to prepare dinner, then Roy slips back into Jim's head before Madelyn arrives. After an awkward start, Jim and Madelyn's meal seems to be going well, until Roy pops out of his head to alert them that Gork is about to attack. A moment later, Gork bursts through the ceiling, and winds up taking up residence in Madelyn's head. Meanwhile, Dr. Elliott kidnaps one of the thugs he'd seen on the news.

Genre Animation Comedy Sci-fi Thriller Tvshows
Release Date13 August 1994
Actors Jason Candler, Mike Judge
"The Head" Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1) (1994)

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Seasons & Episodes (Air Date)

Season 1
Episode 1 - Pilot (13 August 1994)
Episode 2 - The Date (19 December 1994)
Episode 3 - The Mission (26 December 1994)
Episode 4 - The First Piece (26 December 1994)
Episode 5 - The Museum (02 January 1995)
Episode 6 - Jim`s Plan (02 January 1995)
Episode 7 - The Jungle (09 January 1995)

Season 2
Episode 1 - The Pasquale Mendosa Show (01 January 1970)
Episode 2 - The Rise And Fall Of Jim (01 January 1970)
Episode 3 - Inside The Head (01 January 1970)
Episode 4 - Return Of The Spider (01 January 1970)
Episode 5 - The Taste Of Romance (01 January 1970)
Episode 6 - Legend Of The Blues (01 January 1970)