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Watch ""The Saint" The World Beater (1969)" Movie Online

The Saint is invited by George Hapgood, a designer of racing cars ,to test drive his latest model, but the car has been sabotaged and crashes. George's cousin Justin then asks the Saint to drive his latest car only for a mystery driver to force that car off the road as well. The Saint suspects business-woman Kay Collingwood as being involved given that she seems close to Justin but she claims that her main interest is in bugging devices, not cars. The Saint gets ready to drive George's car in a rally, unaware that it has once more been sabotaged

IMDB Rating7.6 out of 10
Director Leslie Norman
Genre Action Comedy Crime Drama
Release Date09 February 1969
Actors Roger Moore, Patricia Haines, John Ronane, James Kerry, George A. Cooper, Eddie Byrne, William Wilde, Rosemary Donnelly, Reg Whitehead, Anthony Sheppard, Clifford Earl, Bernard G. High
"The Saint" The World Beater (1969)

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