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Watch ""The Virginian" With Help From Ulysses (1968)" Movie Online

While on a trip Trampas runs into a dog, Ulysses, who leads him to the ailing Joe Keller. Joe asks Trampas to locate his lost niece who is in the town where Trampas is to visit a girl he along with her family. However, Joe does not remember the name or a description of his niece other than the strawberry mark she has on one knee. Complications due to this task severely interrupt Trampas's attempts to see his friend especially when he is caught inspecting multiple knees in his hotel room by her and her family

IMDB Rating7 out of 10
Director Don McDougall
Genre Western
Release Date17 January 1968
Actors James Drury, John Mcintire, Doug Mcclure, Clu Gulager, Don Quine, Sara Lane, J. Pat Omalley, Hugh Beaumont, John Cliff, Jill Donohue, David Farrow, Tim Graham, Warren Hammack, Sharon Harvey
"The Virginian" With Help From Ulysses (1968)

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