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Shu-go and Rena encounter Mireille, a Wavemaster intent on collecting rare items. At her invitation, the two participate in an event that has them figShugo logs in, and Rena immediately scolds him for being late. During this scolding, Mireille shows up ready to join the party and go out on an adventure. Instead of politely turning Mireille down, Rena grabs Shugo's hand and uses a Speed Charm and makes a run for it. When Rena and Shugo stop, they realize that there was a special event going on today involving trying to make the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Shugo is really interested in getting over to the field and winning a rare item, but Rena suggests that the field might be tough and they could use a wavemaster. Luckily Mireille just happens to be around and ready to lend a helping hand. At the field, Mireille does her best to try to get the trees to bloom, by casting healing spells. Realizing that doesn't work she wanders off thinking that a rare item might help. Shugo takes this time to daydream about his past. When he wakes up he notices a dog nearby and he starts to play with the dog. Balmung appears and notices Shugo's Bracelet. When he asks Kite where he got that, Shugo tells him that the girl in white gave it to him. A weary Balmung could only reply with "Aura". Mireille remembers the story and how there are corpses hidden beneath the cherry blossom trees, so she starts digging. A skeleton appears and comes to life and starts chasing after her. When it is attacked it can revive itself. When it goes after Rena, Shugo Data Drains not only stops the skeleton, but all of the other characters are frozen. However the dog that was accompying Shugo changes into a girl. The girl, claims she is a werewolf and she thanks Shugo for releasing her by using Data Drain. Mireille recognizes the girl as Divine Fist Ouka and tells Shugo that she is one of the strongest warriors in The World. hting a powerful monster again.

Director Shinya Kawatsura
Genre Animation Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Tvshows
Release Date15 January 2003
Actors Steve Blum
".hack//Legend Of The Twilight" Kaito No Udewa (Season 1, Episode 2) (2003)

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Seasons & Episodes (Air Date)

Season 1
Episode 1 - Densetsu No Yusha (08 January 2003)
Episode 2 - Kaito No Udewa (15 January 2003)
Episode 3 - Fushicho No Hane (22 January 2003)
Episode 4 - Tanabata No Yoru (29 January 2003)
Episode 5 - Kyofu No Yakata (05 February 2003)
Episode 6 - Yukemuri No Wana (12 February 2003)
Episode 7 - Tasogare No Tsuki (19 February 2003)
Episode 8 - Koko No Kishi (26 February 2003)
Episode 9 - Hokai No Ashioto (05 March 2003)
Episode 10 - Maboroshi No Miyako (12 March 2003)
Episode 11 - Sekai No Owari (19 March 2003)
Episode 12 - Densetsu No Hajimari (26 March 2003)